BRIDGECONTACT- in cooperation with   Bridgecontact

Coordination desk/financial department:

Byzantium building
Stadhouderskade 20B
1054 ES Amsterdam
phone: 0031-(0)20-489.9459
fax : 0031-(0)20-612.2581
inschr.k.v.k. 32065150

China Office:

Add: Room 102, building 28, No. 879,
         Zhongjiang road Shanghai 200333

Tel: 0086-021-5108 6083

Fax: 0086-021-5108 6083

Mobile: 0086-137 6143 6260









1. Bringing parties together

Advantages to clients:

- Enlarging your business
- Relocating production to low tax, low labor cost areas

- Acquiring working knowledge from other countries
- Importing
- Exporting
- Finding new customers
- Selling know-how

If you wish to find a, company related to your business, contact Bridgecontact by e-mail.

2. Consulting

Client services:

- Market review
- Overview of government regulations
- Assistance in tax optimization
- Business planning
- Assistance in developing relationships with new clients
- Import assistance
- Translation facilities


3. Bridgecontact's own development business

Because of our strong financial organization, Bridgecontact can offer
its own import/export facilities.
Bridgecontact can buy or sell directly for its own account.

We are also able to establish our own production facility.
If you wish to buy/sell goods or expand your business, Bridgecontact invites you to contact its Amsterdam headquarters.

                                                                4.  your "own "office in Shanghai

If it is your wish to have your "own"  employee and your own office facility in Shanghai, please send an e.mail to and you get all the information.

It is without risk and your company is represented in China.

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